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1. Sandor Petofi Square

1. Sandor Petofi Square


Our city tour we start from Sandor Petofi Sq. and stop at his monument. Bronze monument to the Hungarian poet, publicist and public figure Sandor Petofi established in 1990. Author – Ferencz Beni.

It should be noted that in 19th century this place was a swamp. Later the hostelry for travelers “Black Eagle” was opened here (when facing the river Uzh it was behind us). In the early 20th century at this square was a market of local vegetables, people were trading here cattle and other agricultural products.

Over the years, square’s name was changed many times. Once the square was called Eagle, Trading, then in the late 19th century it has been named after the Hungarian revolutionary Lajos Kossuth, in the Czechoslovak period square was called after the President Masaryk, and there was a monument to him. Until recently, it was called Vozjednannia (Reunification) Square. Now the square is named after the Hungarian poet who once visited Uzhhorod and stayed overnight in the “Black Eagle” (a memorial sign about this fact is on the building behind the monument).

Today the square is one of the most crowded places of Uzhhorod, where, as in the past, you can relax in the quiet park or in one of the many cafes, restaurants; purchase goods and souvenirs in one of dozens modern shops.Now the Square is composed of two parts. At the heart of one is the park with Petofi monument – that is the central element. The second part consists of an open area laid down with the cobblestones and surrounded by beautiful old houses.

This square is very handy for starting the route around Uzhhorod, because the Petofi Square is convenient to approach from side of stations or drive up from Mukachevo and Chop directions.

Further, we are moving towards the pedestrian bridge, №2 in your guide.

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