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20. Narodna Square

20. Narodna Square


Narodna Square is one of the two largest squares of Uzhhorod. The main building of which is the six-storey building of the People’s Council, which was built in 1934 – 1936.

The building impresses with its aesthetic rationalism, absolute composition simplicity, reliability of construction materials, interior structure, which, despite its monumentality, is unusually easy. Its clear geometric forms, seems to be drawn by a ruler, and mathematical precision is accentuated by the rhythm of windows.

Dimensions of the building are: length 94 meters, the number of doors (entrances) 13, maximum width 74 meters, has two patios, 6 floors, operating Paternoster (14 cabins passenger elevator of continuous action). On the facade of the structure stands out the white marble portico that supports with its pylons the balcony over the main entrance. It facilitates the transition to the risalit, divided by rectangular pilasters. It was designed by Anton Krupka, style – constructivism.

It should be noted that due to mature system of windows and glass doors during the working day the natural light permeats all rooms of the building. Today there is the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration and Regional Council.

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